Top 3 Cruises and Tours to Take in Detroit

June 13th, 2019 by

Detroit Princess Riverboat | Best CruisesOne of the best parts of Detroit is the river. It has been the center of many cultural and social events over the years, as well as a big influence on the local economy. Plus, it is a great way to relax and have fun if you know where to go. There are plenty of cruises and tours available in Detroit. Here is a look at the top three cruises and tours to take in Detroit.

Diamond Jack’s River Tours

One of the first places to start your tour adventure through Detroit is with Diamond Jack’s River Tours. It offers seasonal tours up and down the river so that you can see many of the sights along the skyline. The best part of the tour is that you can learn something new on each trip. The tour guides have a wealth of knowledge to provide on the local area. You can get a look at local landmarks as well as other notable ships along the waterway. Plus, you can learn about the area’s rich history. 

Diamond Jack’s takes reservations and has private charters available as well. That way, you can get a group of friends together to learn something entirely new and relax out on the river.

The Detroit Princess Riverboat

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to travel on an old riverboat, check out the Detroit Princess. It has been on the river for decades. It hosts events like business meetings and parties, which is a great way to change things up. It is particularly special for weddings and has a grand ballroom for events.

The Detroit Princess has an interesting history as a floating casino and making the long journey around the coast to its new location. The interior was totally redesigned, but it still retains much of the charm of older river boats. It is a great way to get a look at one up close.

Riverside Kayak Connection

If you want a truly memorable tour and workout, check out Riverside Kayak Connection. It gives you tours in a kayak that let you check out a wide range of events. One of the most notable options is the Detroit Full Moon Tour, which happens only when there’s a full moon. You set out near sundown so that you get a good look at the moon and surrounding area. You can also take a historical tour of different parts of the river guided by a local expert. Riverside Kayak Connection has all the supplies that you need for each tour.

Finding fun tours to take in Detroit is easy since there are so many to choose from. The key is knowing where to look. If you like to take tours and cruises, start booking your reservations now. The lead-up to the warmer months will see all of the available spots closing fast and you don’t want to miss out.


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