Let’s Talk About the Challenger SRT Demon

April 4th, 2019 by

Dodge Challenger Demon - Ray Laethem CJDRThe Challenger SRT Demon has made a name for itself in performance circles since it was first teased in 2017 as a highly modified version of Dodge’s already-overpowered Hellcat model. The Demon takes the Hellcat’s road prowess to the track for a drag-race ready configuration sure to thrill adrenaline junkies the country over. Here are five things you need to know about the Demon, which is shaping up to be the most exciting performance vehicle on the market.

Drag Ready

The Demon was created for the track, and that’s reflected in its incredible 808-horsepower engine that has made the Demon that fastest street-legal vehicle on the market. Plus, when equipped with additional packaging and race car fuel, that number jumps up to 848-horsepower. The Demon lives up to its name with a 1.80-g launch at an optimum output, and it’s the only vehicle in the world that can pop a wheelie thanks to that ridiculous launch. Plus, this drag racer can hit a 9.65-second quarter-mile, which is faster than many of the top luxury performance vehicles can claim.

Street Safe

Even with all that power, the Demon has been deemed street legal. While many performance vehicles that claim street legality are unpleasant to drive on the roads thanks to stiff suspensions and difficult-to-temper speed control, the Demon handles the road as well as the Challenger’s other trim levels. It can take regular fuel and, when equipped with all its seats, comfortably sits passengers. This flexibility only adds to its appeal, especially when coupled with its exterior inspired by traditional American muscle cars.


This car is made for the track, as we’ve said many times over, which means that its cabin is a little sparse. The Demon comes standard with only the driver’s seat; the others have been removed to improve weight to increase speed. Plus, the standard tires are best for street driving, not the track.

But don’t fret. Where other vehicles offer packages with significant price tags to pump up the comfort and included features, the Demon Crate can be had for $1. This includes performance parts to help squeeze out another 32 horsepower, plus skinny tires for the track and a navigation system. The passenger and rear seats can also be added back in for a buck each.


The Demon won’t be available for just anyone. Dodge will be producing only 3,000 of these monstrous cars for the 2018 release year, leaving racing fans scrambling to get their hands on one. Its price tag is also foreboding for the average driver: the Demon comes in at $84,640 MSRP. However, this is well worth it for drag racing fans looking to get their hands on a super powerful car without shelling out for one of the more expensive luxury race cars the Demon is outperforming.

The 2018 Dodge Challenger is one of the most exciting and powerful vehicles to hit the market in 2018. Whether you’re heading to the track or down the street, it’s the perfect blend of monstrous power and cool sensibility.


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