Reasons to Choose the 2018 Commander

March 15th, 2018 by

The 2018 Jeep Commander is a great vehicle for adventure seekers. It offers excellent safety and performance features. The all-new Jeep Commander is bigger than previous models with more headroom. In fact, it is the largest SUV in Jeep’s lineup. Read on to find out five reasons to choose the 2018 Commander for your next vehicle. 

Comfortable Interior

The new 2018 Jeep Commander has a comfortable interior. Inside, the styling is a mixture of classic Jeep design with modern technology and luxury. The two-tone color scheme is traditional yet attractive. In the center dash, the infotainment screen gives important information and allows you to connect your phone, so you can listen to your favorite music and take hands-free calls. The interior of the Jeep Commander also comes with a backup camera for added security.

The seating in the Jeep Commander is unique as well. The SUV features three rows of stadium-style seating, with each row being higher than the row in front. The seating design makes the interior feel larger and gives each row a good view.

Plenty of Power

The 2018 Commander comes with a standard V-8 engine that gives the SUV 210 horsepower and 235 pound-feet of torque. The large engine gives the Commander plenty of power to get up and go when you need it to. The EPA-estimated mpg is not available at this time. However, the full-size SUV is rumored to receive excellent gas mileage for a vehicle of its size.

Style to Spare

On the outside, the Commander commands respect. Classic Jeep features are apparent throughout the design. The grille is similar to the classic Jeep look, which is so well-known. It is boxy, yet elegant, and refined with stylish curves and flowing edges. The lines are sleek and streamlined. The shape of the windows gives the large SUV an aerodynamic look. Turn heads everywhere you go with the superior styling of your new 2018 Jeep Commander.

Superior Performance

Jeep is a performance-focused vehicle manufacturer, and the entire lineup features performance features to spare. Add 4×4 to give your vehicle off-road capabilities. The Commander’s large V-8 engine gives it plenty of power to get over obstacles. Or, put it in overdrive when you need even more power. Large standard tires and a wide wheelbase also help you get through obstacles safely.

Innovative Technology

All new Jeeps come with the new Jeep infotainment center. It is an entertainment hub connecting you with standard and optional entertainment features.  Uconnect gives you the ability to lock and unlock your doors, start your engine, demobilize your engine, and more from your phone. Add Uconnect Nav to give your Commander navigation capabilities. You can also equip your Commander with Wi-Fi technology to use your car as a hotspot or you can connect to your phone’s hotspot to use Uconnect to listen to podcasts and to receive real-time traffic updates.

The 2018 Jeep Commander is a great option for large families who love to explore. It offers plenty of room for everyone to fit comfortably, even if you are packing gear. Test drive one today to see what owning a Commander is all about.


Image via Flickr by LetTheCardsFallJeeos, used under CC BY-SA 2.0

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